Rachid Ferrache starts his career in the entertainment industry at a very young age when his mother enrolls as a child model. Not your average journey with constant twists that will lead to his current passions.

With over 28 films as an actor, the music becomes an important part of his life. He records his first demo tapes and performs his first Live show at the age of 10.

After various successful music singles, everything changes when Rachid turns 14 and discovers piano, computers, music software, vocal harmonies. And an incredible discovery of the a cappella Jazz band named Take 6 and Bobby McFerrin, a true revelation that changes his whole vision of vocal techniques. He has discovered everything that can be done with his voice.

At the age of 16, he composes, arranges and produces his first compositions, and add dance to his passion, which he perceives as a body expression in synergy with music. He studies dance at various schools in Paris.

He spends several hours a day exceling his voice, and takes his first recording studio at 18 in which recognized for his performances as backing vocals singer and vocals arranger.

Providing his own training and very effective techniques, he makes a name for himself in professional studios and music labels by bringing a very fast an efficient execution, with a perfect control of the voice and music editing software. He names his specific technic the “ONE TAKE”.

For more than 15 years, recording studios, music, singing and vocal direction surrounds his life.

During a coaching session, Rachid has an opportunity to arrange and direct the recording studio and live show the backing vocals of a very famous artist.

His first tour of 60 venues is an important milestone in his musical career. He collaborates with well known American musicians. Ray Charles and Phil Collins’ bass player, Mick Jagger, Elton John Chaka Kan and Seal’s drum player, Chicago’s guitarist, and the Supertramp and Tower of Power’s trumpet player.

He perfects himself in music writing, with detailed melodies. He begins school at Bill Evans Academy with emphasis in Jazz and Salsa harmonies.

In 2009 when Michael Jackson past, he produces and directs a series of tribute shows with over 30 artists on stage. He directs various singers with different vocal styles, while keeping the original style.

He becomes Judge or Vocal Coach in various television shows such as American Idol, Star Academy, Las Vegas Academy and In Search of the new Michael Jackson.

Today, Rachid Ferrache counts more than 1,500 recording studio sessions, and more than 500 singers coached, directed or trained.

Rachid is ready to share his years of experience through to singers and artists. He has developed a custom made Vocal Coaching and Singing Techniques, with the focus to help with accessible educational tools.

No matter how many hours and years of work, he truly believes that everything could be accomplished only with true passion for singing.

Rachid has a true desire to share his knowledge so that everyone can flourish within.

Welcome to the 360° VOICE CONTROL.